Eligibility for Scholarships

Recipients of the scholarships to be awarded by the East Haven Unity Fund will be selected by the Scholarship Committee of East Haven High School.  To be eligible for consideration, a student must:

                   (a) be a graduating senior who has been accepted to, and plans to attend, an institution or program of higher education or vocational training;

                  (b) have been born, or have at least one parent or grandparent who was born, in a Latin American nation or territory; and

                  (c)  be chosen by the Scholarship Committee on the basis of academic performance, extracurricular or community activity, character, leadership qualities, educational or vocational promise, or any combination of such factors.

Eligibility requirements are stated in more detail in the Agreement of Trust that governs the Fund. Persons related by blood or marriage to any Grantor or Trustee under the Agreement of Trust are not eligible to receive scholarships.