Donations of all amounts, no matter how small, are encouraged.  This page will publish the names of donors  (except those asking to remain anonymous), but not the amounts of individual donations.  Our goal is to encourage as many individual donations as possible in order to demonstrate the breadth of support for unity in East Haven.  Donors are free to make their own gifts public through other means, and the Fund may independently make public acknowledgments of individual generosity, but amounts will not appear on this page.

DONORS (listed in approximate order of receipt of initial gifts)
Robert Wolcheski (Washington, D.C.)
James Albis (East Haven)
MaryAnn Pellegrino (East Haven)
Linda A. Abbott (East Haven)
Helen & Michael Pollio (East Haven)
Specialty Solutions, LLC (Branford)
Ralph Prete (New York, NY)
Stephen Fontana (North Haven)
Joan & Jim Dougherty (East Haven)
East Haven Youth Football
Jack & Lisa Leary (East Haven)
Catherine & Joseph Mancini (East Haven)
Helen M. Albis (East Haven)
Michael Lawlor (East Haven)
Michael J. Vastola & Rose Mitchell (East Haven)
Kevin & Patricia Fennell (East Haven)
Lucille Zorena (East Haven)
Francis O'Gorman (West Hartford)
Dan & Avra Novarr (Bloomfield)
Kimberly Glassman (East Haven)
Katy Albis (East Haven)
Anonymous (East Haven)
Eileen & Peter Harding (Rocky Hill)
Kimanh Vu (Meriden)
Robert D. Hoff (East Haven)
Gale Creighton (Guilford)
Andrew Bauer (Portland)
Jack & Sue Stacey (East Haven)
Edward McGuire (East Haven)
Ricardo & Rosa Dominguez (Hamden)
Michael & Noreen Clough (East Haven)
Sisters of Charity (East Haven)
John & Janet Kanak (East Haven)
Alfred Cronk (East Haven)
Leslie & Jessie Quinto (East Haven)
Barbara & Fred Brow (East Haven)
Paul Thompson (East Haven)
Barbara Wasserman (New York, NY)
Stacy & Joe Monico (East Haven)
Robert & Mary Albis (West Harwich, MA)
Frank & Judy Capone (East Haven)
Joann Esposito (East Haven)
Joanne Mallinson (East Haven)
Mark Albis (East Haven)
Ashley Bogart (North Branford)
John & Louise Albis (Branford)
Elvia Andrade (Danbury)
Jennifer Bauer & Mark Tolla (East Haven)
Hon. Michael Brandt (North Haven)
Angelica Calle (New Haven)
Dawn Calvo (East Haven)
Robin Carlson (East Haven)
Ronal Castillo (New Haven)
Marcia Chacon
Liz Criscuolo (Branford)
Richard DePalma (East Haven)
Gary DePalma (East Haven)
Luz Esposito
Elizabeth Franco-Spano (East Haven)
Douglas & Lisa Gardner (Shelton)
Kathy Gavigan (Branford)
Guti'z Bakery (East Haven)
Doreen Hausler (East Haven)
Jennifer Higham (East Haven)
Janet Kenyon (East Haven)
BJ Lambert (East Haven)
Barbara, Richard & Alicia Loesche (East Haven)
Patricia Lojano (Branford)
Michelle  Madonna (East Haven)
Maly's Hair Salon (East Haven)
Joseph Marangell (Hamden)
Manuel Matute (East Haven)
Letizia & Leonardo Morales (East Haven)
Annie Nguyen (East Haven)
Polo Palo Il Gelato Italiano ( East Haven)
Kristy Porter (East Haven)
Robert Proto (East Haven)
Red Scissors Hair Salon (East Haven)
Sabor Latino (East Haven)
Wayne & Christine Sandford (East Haven)
Donald Santacroce (East Haven)
Emma Torres (New Haven)
Marianela Torres (East Haven)
Imelda Torres 
Damares Torres
Lisa Veleas (Berlin)
Jacinto Velez
Lucia Zabala (New Haven)
George Zubal & Cherryl Watson (East Haven)
Herman & Carmen Zuniga (East Haven)
Oswaldo Zuniga (East Haven)
Michael & Susan Harkins (East Haven)
Lorrie & Christopher Maiorano (East Haven)
Carla Marsico (East Haven)
Barbara Melendez (Hamden)
Knott & Knott, LLC (Cheshire)
Diane Conradi-Pocograno (Guilford)
Mark Gravino (New Haven)
Mark Azzolina (East Haven)
Margaret & Arthur Sanders (New Haven)
Sharon Wrzosek (Hamden)
Joseph Zullo (East Haven)
Jennifer Cannada
Samantha Parlato (East Haven)
George Smith (East Haven)
In Memory of Pat DiMeo (late of East Haven)
Nancy Tipping (Northford)
Josh Balter (East Haven)
Jeffrey Currey (East Hartford)
Josh Elliott (Hamden)
Elizabeth Esposito (East Haven)
Matthew Lesser (Middletown)
Caroline Simmons (Stamford)
Tom & Kathy Stone (East Haven)
Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority
Themis Valsamis (Clinton)
Zullo & Jacks, LLC (East Haven)
Matt Ritter PAC (Hartford)
Cheri Quickmire (East Haven)
Vin DeNuzzo (North Haven)