About the East Haven Unity Fund

The East Haven Unity Fund was established in March, 2012, by East Haven, Connecticut, residents Jacqueline and Michael Albis.  In the wake of much-publicized tension between local government and the Latino community, they created the fund as a means of fostering relationships between the townspeople as a whole and Latino residents.  Mrs. Albis, a teacher at East Haven High School, and Mr. Albis envisioned the fund as serving two purposes.  The first was to recognize the outstanding achievements of graduating East Haven High School students of Latino heritage, with monetary awards to defray the incidental expenses of higher education or vocational training.  The second was to give the residents and business people of East Haven, and others who care about the town, a way to demonstrate their good will and desire for a diverse and unified community.  The generosity of the Unity Fund's many donors since 2012 have enabled the vision to become a reality.